Chronic Invisible Illness

Joy H. Selak and Dr. Steve Overman

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Meet the Authors


Joy H. Selak, PhD

Joy H. Selak has lived with chronic autoimmune, musculoskeletal and neurological conditions since the 1990's.

She is the Development and Communications Director for MINDPOP, an Austin non-profit dedicated to expanding creativity and the arts in schools. She was a founder of the San Juan Island Community Foundation and A Legacy of Giving, an Austin organization dedicated to teaching children to become philanthropists through their school curriculum. She serves on the board and is the past president of ZACH Theatre, the premier professional theater in Austin, Texas and also serves on the board of the Intersitital Cystitis Association in Washington, DC. 

Prior to becoming ill, Joy enjoyed two careers. She was a writing teacher at Arizona State University and later became a Vice President of Investments for Smith Barney. 

She is married and her very blended family includes six grown children and twelve grandchildren, so far.


Dr. Steve Overman

Dr. Steven Overman is a founding member of the The Seattle Arthritis Clinic. He is a Professor of Clinical Medicine, Division Chief of Rheumatology and the recent Medical Director of Musculoskeletal Planning at the University of Washington Northwest Hospital.

Dr. Overman was a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar and has his MPH degree. He was medical director of a Medicare health plan, is board certified in quality assurance and has been active in the American College of Rheumatology.  

He loves to travel and enjoy outdoor activities with his wife and three adult sons. 


Click on this link to listen to an interview with Joy at Life After Pain:

Chronic Illness Challenges